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Rains to floods to revival; A hashtag poem

Social media is the new superpower in disaster management. By heavily engaging the young and by connecting the resources from across the globe to one goal, platforms like instagram, whatsapp have proved that they can be an impeccable example of technology doing what its meant to do. Through this piece, I explore how hashtags have helped us journey from suffering to healing during tough and unprecedented disasters. Continue reading Rains to floods to revival; A hashtag poem

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Morning Minutiae – Jan 8, 2019

A few days back, I woke up with a strange but beautiful longing for the past. While in Chennai, I had lived a fine Sunday routine. Of waking up early and grabbing that corner seat in the mess, having sambar vada or my favourite dosa with a hot gulp of coffee. After buying a cycle in the final year, all my Sunday mornings meant I … Continue reading Morning Minutiae – Jan 8, 2019

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The color of winter

(This piece was penned last winter. But as Chennai summer has been making me yearn for the December winds, I had to come back to read this. Because sometimes words could be time machines. They’ll help you switch seasons. ) I was born on a rainy December midnight. My mother is still fond of the story, of how I began, of how I gave her ‘chills’ since my … Continue reading The color of winter

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  After you, Corridors have become my favorite home. I go there morning and night, sometimes to talk to the stars and at times, to fly love letters and kites. Sometimes, I watch the sun rise and set. Like us often, they were in love but never met. Sometimes, I watch the birds march in bands singing songs of unknown lowlands, The mother hugging her … Continue reading MY SERENDIPITY : PART 2


(I wrote this exactly on Jan 1 ’18 but being the little luftmensch I am, I kept it aside in my drafts and bookmarked it or something. But my New Year Resolution is to clear and clarify the clutter of my incomplete notes. Always better late than never.) Who decided what started where?  Zero? One? None?  Where do we begin?  What is so new about … Continue reading 1

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The five things I know how to write.

I know how to write. I write letters to lost lovers, to forgotten friends, and to abandoned alleys. I write letters to the moments I betrayed, to the chances I left astray. The date and place are insignificant. Because I think of them every night and day, everywhere and in every way. I live with them. I am them. I write shopping lists with shimmering … Continue reading The five things I know how to write.

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My Serendipity: Part 1

  I remember. I met you at a crossroad beneath one September sky, next to Cubbon where Amaltas fell by. My face dipped in diamond moonlights, Washed by wishes of dandelions flying high.   Amidst busying buses and banal lives, Rusty faces went by. But I could only see one smile. A curve with a Cannabis – high.   Your smile like a cozy big … Continue reading My Serendipity: Part 1

Recreating 90s Malayalam movies – A (really serious) study

Originally posted on Silma Reviews:
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, an estranged writer starts watching her favorite movies from the 90s. It’s a period where new-gen movies have begun to destory the moral fabric of society. The people have become selective (and not collective) of movies to watch. The big Ms have fallen, Gobi is found only in Pondicherry and… Continue reading Recreating 90s Malayalam movies – A (really serious) study