Recreating 90s Malayalam movies – A (really serious) study

#gofeminichigo – AF Malayalam Silma reviews from Arya Rani continues.

Silma Reviews

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, an estranged writer starts watching her favorite movies from the 90s. It’s a period where new-gen movies have begun to destory the moral fabric of society. The people have become selective (and not collective) of movies to watch. The big Ms have fallen, Gobi is found only in Pondicherry and vegetarian buffet, J.Ram is trying to be cool. Pursued by sinister long-haired intellectuals, the writer studies 90s movies aboard her starship Silma Reviews, in an attempt to make malayalam cinema great again!


The movie begins at sunrise with an orchestral bgm. We are at the hero’s tharavaadu where a kasavu saree clad mother is making the breakfast, happy and content in the kitchen.


Enter teenage sister, who is getting ready to go for type writing class in her half-saree. She tries to take a dosa or two, but mother…

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